Elo Kay is a rising star on the danish and international rap scene. His sound reflects his personality - hard with a plethora of soul and soft tones. Elo Kay is notoriously known for his energetic live performances and the diversity and variety in his flow and lyrics.

Despite being an upcoming artist, Elo Kay has already shared stage with big names such as three time Grammy winner Nelly (US), Rapsody (US) and danish artists such as Nabiha, Carpark North and Barbara Moleko. He also won the “Talent Award” from Dansk Musiker Forbund and has been nominated for an “African Award”.

His greatest achievement so far has been his participation in the esteemed danish talentprogram on national radio “Karrierekanonen” where he made it to the finals and got to perform on the legendary danish music festival “Smukfest”.

Elo Kay´s focus is to inspire and motivate his listeners by sharing his own personal stories in his lyrics. Growing up in Africa without a father and moving to a small danish town with his mother and brothers, has been a journey filled with obstacles and prejudice to overcome.



Elo Kay ft. Jaye Millenium - We Are Lonely

“We Are Lonely is a song about finding strenght in your loneliness and to find yourself when the darkness sourrounds you - to believe that there is a way through it all. Loneliness is not a destination but more like a process that will sharpen you.”